In January I had the incredible experience of studying abroad in India! I learned a lot about the manufacturing and textile industries while there. Unlike many study abroad programs instead of just remaining in a classroom all day my classmates and I traveled to Jaipur, Agra, and New Delhi visiting factories, design houses, and many more locations. One of my assignments was to post a photo every day while in India (you can see those posts on my Instagram.) But I thought I would share a few highlights from the trip here. 

Here’s all of us at the Crafts Village. There we learned to do Kantha embroidery (even though I may have rebelled and just satin stitched my embroidery.) It was still a great time.

At Anita Dongre’s flagship store in New Delhi. Anita Dongre is a very popular wedding designer in India.

The Moon Palace at the Red Fort in Jaipur. My favorite architecture we saw!

The Taj Mahal. Not my favorite day, it was very crowded.

These are both from Rahul Mishra’s design house. He quickly became one of my favorite designers! Later we were able to meet with him at the Fashion Design Council of India.

These were both taken at the Qutub complex in New Delhi!