Fall 2015img_6204 img_6207 My first Envision show! This was Fall 2015. I had absolutely no idea what to wear. So I just wore the “fanciest” clothes I had at the time, and the only pair of heels I had. It’s safe to say I put a lot more thought into the next few seasons. My dad and I went together and had a blast.
Dress-Charlotte Russe
Purse-Forever 21

Spring 201612961179_10206307718836315_1693546506189384250_o

My second show! This outfit I put a lot more thought into, even though I didn’t get as many pictures. I went with my roommate, Pam, and my mom.
Dress- American Apparel
Jacket- Jasdee Fashion Inc
Wallet- Target
Shoes-  Michael Antonio
Earrings- Forever 21
Body Chain- Forever 21

Fall 2016
img_0977 img_1019 img_0999

My latest show! This season’s collections were definitely my favorite. I particularly enjoyed Xee¬†Vang’s! I was lucky enough to see her last spring at the St. Kate’s Katwalk.
Jacket- New Look
Romper- Sabo Skirt
Shoes- Wild Pair
Choker- Forever 21
Nose Ring- Almost Famous
Wallet- Target
Earrings- Charlotte Russe