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Bag: White House Black Market
    For me this bag is definitely the perfect fall transition bag. It’s convertable- it can be worn as a cross body, backpack, or just a satchel. When I first bought it I didn’t think I would use the backpack much, but it’s actually been the way I’ve been wearing it the most! It’s super comfortable and keeps my bag from thumping my hip everytime I walk. I also love how roomy it is and I especially love the zippered side pockets. The side pockets allow me to get my keys out of my bag without even having to take it off my back.
Bag Charm: Flaunt
    Now this charm is actually made by a different brand, but is sold at Flaunt Boutique in Minneapolis. I don’t have anything that has the brand’s name so sadly I can’t credit them. (If someone knows tell me and I’ll add it!) The woman in the shop told me that they create all the charms from things they find at estate sales. I’m all about reusing products so it was an obvious buy to me.
Wallet: Kate Spade
Card Case: White House Black Market
    My wallet gets really bulky if I keep all the discount cards, and gift cards that I have in it. So I use this cute little tin, even though it kind of looks like a cigarette case, to keep cards I don’t use daily in.
Hair Ties: Flaunt
Sunglasses: White House Black Market
Sunglass Case: Topshop
Pencil Case: Clinique
Business Card Case: The BrandLab